Welcome to the Harpenden Child Contact Centre

The Harpenden Child Contact Centre is located at Harpenden, Hertfordshire. It is a neutral meeting place, when there is no viable alternative, where children of separated families may enjoy contact with one or both parents, and sometimes with other family members, in a comfortable, friendly and safe environment. Call us and/or come and see us to find out more.


A relationship breakdown between you and your partner need not affect your relationship with your child. You both still have an important part to play in the child’s life.

When divorced or separated parents have difficulty in communicating well, Child Contact Centres provide a friendly, safe and neutral place for children to meet the mother or father who no longer lives at home with them. We don’t take sides. We simply operate in the best interests of your child. With your child in mind, the Centre is equipped with toys, games, art materials and facilities suitable for different age groups.


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